Saint Andrew's Episcopal Church

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The Organ Project

About the New Organ

In building a new organ, consideration must be given not only to the auditory experience but also the visual appearance of the instrument.

Overall Appearance

In its appearance the organ will be built to be consonant with the architectural themes that otherwise define the sanctuary. Our organ builders, Richards, Fowkes & Co., have an established track record for building beautiful organs. Examples of their work can be viewed HERE.


Our new organ will be installed in the first bay along the north wall of the church. It is the place where the church's first organ once sat. The pipes will be located within the body of the sanctuary, but they will not obscure the arch that defines the chancel.

The new organ will be sized to fit within the space currently defined by the altar rail.


The two stained glass windows (the Bishop Brent (N1) and Venerable Bede (N2) windows) that adorn the first north bay will remain in place and can be viewed from a passage behind the organ case.


The choir will remain in its current position, at the front of the church. We will use this occasion to install acoustic remediation in the chancel, making the choir more audible to the congregation. This remediation will not entail any visible alteration to the front of the church.

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