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Wednesday in Holy Week

Tenebrae as an eService

Traditionally, Tenebrae at St. Andrew's is a musical setting of psalms and responses, sung by the choir while the congregation joins in meditation and prayer on Wednesday in Holy Week.

As we are unable to hold in-person services at the present time a quartet of St. Andrew’s choristers (Celia Bridges, Soprano; Deborah Friauff, Alto; Jonathan Gardner, Tenor; and Alan Gibson, Bass) instead present a virtual performance of this solemn service. Recorded separately to maintain social distancing, the virtual quartet’s parts were edited into a unified performance of the psalms and responses customary to Tenebrae.

Today's eService Bulletin is intended for use alongside the recorded Tenebrae service. The eService Bulletin has been embedded below the audio player or you can view it HERE.

Listen to the Tenebrae Service:


St. Andrew's Virtual Quartet

Celia Bridges, Soprano
Deborah Friauff, Alto
Jonathan Gardner, Tenor
Alan Gibson, Bass

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