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The Church School

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Our Mission

The mission of our Church School is to nurture the gift of faith
as we share the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Each year we continue to fulfill this mission by learning about the Bible, participating in the liturgical services, reaching out to others, and making new friends at St. Andrew's.

The Church School at St. Andrew's encompasses children age three through sixth grade. Those in grades seven through twelve participate in our youth program, Journey to Adulthood.


All of the curriculum St. Andrew's uses is framed to help children of all ages know God, instead of only knowing about God.

Preschool: Godly Play

We fondly refer to our youngest group as Morning Glories. These are the children, aged three and four, who are not yet in kindergarten. They participate in the Godly Play program, which is based upon the recognition that children have an innate sense of the presence of God.

Teacher's facilitate appropriate language, parables, silence, sacred stories, and liturgy, through "shared wonderings" to help identify, nurture, and guide a child's spiritual quest. The Godly Play approach teaches classical Christian language in a way that enhances the child's authentic experience in the discovery of God within oneself, one another and the world around us.

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Elementary: Weaving God's Promises

Students in grades K-6 participate in Weaving God's Promises, which was developed and written exclusively for the Episcopal Church. The program uses Holy Scripture, the Church, and Christian living to provide a groundwork of Christian education, worship, and service.

While not directly in line with the lectionary cycle, Weaving God's Promises does use a three year cycle of lessons:

Year OneWeaving Our Faith(2015-2016)
Year TwoWeaving Together the Family of God(2016-2017)
Year ThreeWeaving God's Beloved Community(2017-2018)

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Faith Explorers

Faith Explorers is a special series of on-site field trips, held after the 10:00 am service throughout the year, to provide children with the opportunity to explore the treasures of Episcopal life.

Clergy, teachers and members of the Journey to Adulthood youth group lead elementary age children on "treasure hunts" learning the history of St. Andrew's Church, stories within our stained glass windows, the liturgical colors, vestments and more!