Opus 25 Organ

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Special Music Services at St. Andrew's

For nearly two millennia, the Church has been the western world's chief patron of music. From the single line of Gregorian chant, to full scale works for orchestra and chorus, composers and musicians have offered prase to God in ways that words alone cannot express. Special music services give us the opportunity to join in those praises that goes beyond our weekly worship.

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Thursday, March 27 at 7:30 pm

The St. Andrew’s Adult Choir chants this ancient monastic service that captures the descent into the shad- ows of death and the mystery of the sacrificial Lamb of God.

Building Use Policy for Guest Musicians

Organ Use Policy


Interested in using St. Andrew's new tracker organ or our chapel instrument? Please review the church's Instrument Use Policy and contact our Director of Music, Dr. Deborah Friauff, to discuss next steps.

Have your concert or recital at St. Andrew's!

Interested in using St. Andrew's as a venue for your upcoming concert? St. Andrew's has one of the loveliest acoustic spaces in Ann Arbor, and is available to rent for concerts for $500, plus a $25/hour building minder fee. Please contact our Parish Administrator, Jonathan Gardner, for detailed rental information.


University of Michigan students may request waiving the $500 rental fee for their recitals if the following conditions are met:

  • 1: Recital requests must be made at least 6 weeks in advance of performance date.
  • 2: No requests will be addressed in December or after mid-March.
  • 3: In exchange for waiving the $500 building rental fee, each student will offer ten (10) hours of community music service to be agreed upon with the Director of Music (i.e. sing in one of the choirs and/or provide instrumental offerings).

Process for Students

  • 1: Contact our Parish Administrator, Jonathan Gardner, to check availability of date. If available, a tentative hold is placed on the date.
  • 2: Student then contacts our Director of Music, Dr. Deborah Friauff, to arrange for community music service.
  • 3: Dr. Friauff will confirm the recital date with Mr. Gardner after the community service has been agreed upon. Community service must take place prior to recital date.
  • 4: Student comes into the St. Andrew's main office to fill out building use forms, in which the details of the community service will be outlined. This must be finished one month in advance of the recital date. At this time the building minder is also hired and pre-paid at $25/hour to open and close the building.