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Our Historic Building

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"We here erect a church as for ourselves, for our children, and to be a sign and token, so long as these walls shall stand, that St. Andrew's church is for the instruction, the worship, the edification of children, and that all its ministrations and privileges are for all ages, for all sorts and conditions of men, without any difference or inequality."

- The Rev. George D. Gillespie, Rector
on the occasion of the laying of the cornerstone of the nave, 1867

Establishment and Construction


Our parish was established in 1827 as a mission of St. Paul's, Detroit. What began in a neighborhood house would eventually grow into the second Episcopal Church in Michigan. By 1838 a wooden church had been erected.

The cornerstone of the current church was laid in 1867 at the corner of Catherine and Division Streets. A now-demolished Rectory (also known as Tatlock Hall) was built in 1880. Page Hall was then constructed in 1880 to serve as a chapel. In 1890, the Chancel was built, with the vested choir singing the first service in Advent of the same year.


The twentieth century saw many changes to St. Andrew's. In 1903, Palmer Tower was erected - which still stands today. The sanctuary's beautiful Pewabic tiling was laid in 1917. The current cloister between the church and then Tatlock Hall was constructed in 1932. After more than fifty years of service, Tatlock Hall was demolished in 1947. It was then reconstructed as the current Henry Lewis Hall (better known as Parish Hall) and housed a new chapel, classrooms, and the parish offices.


More recently, the church underwent a major restoration which began in 2008. From a new slate roof to refurbished stained glass windows to refinished pews and brand new pew cushions, the building saw upgrades both inside and out. In 2015 a new pipe organ was commissioned and isexpected to be installed in 2021.

An Abbreviated Timeline of Construction

1827-8 Parish established as a mission of St. Paul's, Detroit
1836-38 Erection of "wooden church"
1867 Building of present day Nave
1868 Cornerstone is laid
1869 Church is consecrated
1880 Building of Rectory/Tatlock Hall; Cornerstone of Page Hall is laid
1890 Building of the Chancel
1903 Erection of Palmer Tower
1917 Pewabic Tile is laid
1927 Dedication of Church Bell
1932 Cloister built between the church and Tatlock Hall
1947-50 Tatlock Hall demolished; reconstructed as Henry Lewis Hall (current Parish Hall)
1971 Dedication of current Chancel organ (by Reuter of Lawrence, Kansas)
1995 Retiling of Chancel Floor
2007 Restoration of west gallery windows
2008-11 Capital Campaign restoration

Rectors of St. Andrew's

Since first establishment, St. Andrew's has been home to 20 rectors (some more than once!), from the first full-time rector, The Rev. John P. Bausman in 1834, to our current rector, The Rev. Alan G. Gibson, who has been with us since 2008. Our longest serving rector was the Rev. Henry Lewis, who was at St. Andrew's for 39 years.

    Rectors of the 1800's

  • 1830-33:   The Rev. Silas W. Freeman*
  • 1834-35:   The Rev. John P. Bausman
  • 1836-38:   The Rev. Samuel Marks
  • 1838-43:   The Rev. Francis H. Cuming
  • 1844-50:   The Rev. Charles C. Taylor
  • 1850-52:   The Rev. George P. Williams†
  • 1852-53:   The Rev. Charles C. Taylor
  • 1853-54:   The Rev. George P. Williams†
  • 1854-61:   The Rev. David F. Lumsden
  • 1861-75:   The Rev. George D. Gillespie
  • 1875-83:   The Rev. Wyllys Hall
  • 1885-89:   The Rev. Samuel Earp
  • 1889-1922:   The Rev. Henry Tatlock

    Rectors of the 1900's and 2000's

  • 1922-61:   The Rev. Henry Lewis
  • 1962-81:   The Rev. Gordon Jones
  • 1982-84:   The Rev. Earl James Lewis Jr.
  • 1984-85:   The Rev. Robert Henry New‡
  • 1985-95:   The Rev. Harvey H. Guthrie Jr.
  • 1995-97:   The Rev. Robert Lee Hart‡
  • 1997-2006:   The Rev. John Nieman
  • 2006-07:   The Rev. Bryant Dennison‡
  • 2008 - :   The Rev. Alan G. Gibson
  • * Temporary Missionary
  • Officiating
  • Interim
Our present day church was built in 1867, but the parish of St. Andrew's was first established in 1827

Books about St. Andrew's

Please contact St. Andrew's ((734)663-0518) to purchase the following titles:

"History of St. Andrew's, Part 1"
        Arthur Lyon Cross, 1906

St. Andrew's development and history from 1827 - 1904. 175 pp. Reprint, 2014. Price: $10

"History of St. Andrew's, Part 2"
        History Committee, 2014

St. Andrew's development and history from 1900 - 2000.   333 pp. Price: $25

"The Windows of St. Andrew's"
        H. M. Hildebrandt, 2002

Beautiful color photographs accompany text on the history and memorials of the stained glass at St. Andrew's.   48 pp.

Helpful Resources

Old News

Search the Ann Arbor District Library's online database of photos and articles by using the search term "St. Andrew's"

Past and Present

On the exterior, little has changed at St. Andrew's in the past 150 years. Believe it or not, these photos were taken more than a century apart!

The photos on the lefthand side were taken around 1904 while the photos on the right were taken in 2013.

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