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Bulletin for Sunday, May 24, 2020

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About Our Services


8:00 am - Holy Eucharist    Service is approximately 45 min
A spoken service of the Eucharist.

9:15 am - Family Service    Service is approximately 30 min
Experience church in a relaxed and informal setting - this child-friendly Eucharist that is open to the young-at-heart of all ages. This service includes short scripture readings, children's story and a hymn. Children are encouraged to be children, and make noise and move about the chapel as they please. (Held in the Chapel)

10:00 am - Holy Eucharist    Service is approximately 1hr 15 min
A choral Eucharist with hymns and music from adult, junior, and handbell choirs and instrumentalists. The children join the adults after Church School classes for Communion. This service lasts an hour and fifteen minutes, and is shorter in the summer.

8:00 pm - Compline    Service is approximately 30 min
A service of psalms, prayers, anthems and hymns - all sung by a small choir. Compline is a meditative offering of thanksgiving to God for the blessings of the day and an appeal for protection through the night. The congregation participates through listening, silent prayer and personal reflection. *September-April Only*


7:00 am - Holy Eucharist    Service is approximately 30 min
A spoken service of the Eucharist with hymns. (Held in the Chapel)

6:00 pm - Evensong    Service is approximately 30 min
Evensong is a small service of evening prayers sung by various liturgical leaders.


5:30 pm - Holy Eucharist & Healing Service   Service is approximately 30 min
A spoken service of the Eucharist. During the Healing Service, a prayer is offered for each person individually with laying on of hands and anointing.


12:15 pm - Holy Eucharist    Service is approximately 30 min
A spoken service of the Eucharist.

How We Worship

The Holy Eucharist

The celebration of the Holy Eucharist is an act of joy and praise, which draws its principal meaning from the Easter proclamation of the resurrection.


All who are drawn to God and seek Christ are welcome to receive communion.

We receive communion by extending our hands for the bread, either eating it and receiving the wine from the chalice or holding the bread and waiting for the small intinction cup in which to dip it. Consecrated rice wafers are available for those with wheat allergies. Please ask the priest at the time of your communion if you desire one.

If you have a hearing aid equipped with telecoil capability, please note that the church sanctuary has been equipped with this technology.

Our Sanctuary

The main entrance to the church is from the narthex, which serves as a lobby to the main sanctuary where the services are held. As you enter the sanctuary, your eye will be drawn to the altar area at the far end. The altar is the large rectangular table in the center, covered with a cloth, and decorated with candles and flowers. During Holy Communion, the bread and wine are consecrated on the altar. Behind the altar and on either side of it are rows of chairs where the clergy and choirs sit during services.

As you face the altar, you will also see the pulpit to its right. It is here that the service leaders and clergy read the scriptures and preach the sermons. To the left of the altar is a baptismal font, its prominent position symbolizing the centrality of baptism to our identity as Christians.

Baptisms are celebrated during the 10:00 am service on principal feast Sundays (All Saints', the Baptism of Our Lord, the Easter Vigil, and Pentecost), augmented by other Sundays at the 9:15 am Family Service. More information about BAPTISMS

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First Visit to St. Andrew's?

Please fill out a welcome card, found in the pew rack, then put it in the offering plate or give it to one of the clergy following the service so that we can be in touch with you. Newcomers Page


Fr. Alan Gibson, Fr. Charles Witke, and the Rev. Sally Webster lead a service on All Souls' Day. Meet Our Clergy

Lay Leaders in Liturgy

Members of the parish serve at each service in various capacities: acolytes, eucharistic ministers, ushers, and as members of the choir. To learn more about getting involved at St. Andrew's please visit our Ministries page.