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Adult Faith Formation

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How can we help you grow your faith?

Spiritual growth doesn't end at adulthood!

St. Andrew's offers a variety of formation opportunities for adults. With both regular weekly groups and special seasonal events, there is something for everyone.

Thursday: Bible Study

The Thursday Bible Study is a small group of people who meet on Thursday mornings at 10:00 am in the lounge (September through May) to discuss the next Sunday's scripture readings. Bible study is led by the clergyperson assigned to preach at the following Sunday services. Regular attendees and drop-ins are welcome.

Special Events

Lenten Film Series

Films on a selected theme or topic are shown in the Parish Hall during a potluck supper. Informal discussion follows the screening. Wednesday evenings in Lent.

Special Topic Summer Series

A limited series of classes on a special topic are offered during the week by parish clergy and lay leaders. This summer, a continutation of the "Early Christianity: the Experience of the Divine" series will be offered as well as a two-class series on the Colelcts.

2019 Summer Study Series

Join us again this summer for a continuation of "Early Christianity: the Experience of the Divine" (from the “Great Courses” series, led by Luke Timothy Johnson, PhD at Emory University). Each session will have a 30 minute video lecture and a 30 minute discussion led by Robert Westveer. Tuesdays at 10:00 am in the Lounge.

  • June 18: The Holy Community
  • What can we learn about the experience of the “holy community” and its self-understanding as set forth in the Acts of the Apostles and the letters of Paul and others.
  • June 25: Jesus and the Gospels
  • Everything said about Jesus comes from post-Easter perspectives. Nevertheless, the historical Jesus also influences and must be taken into account.
  • July 2: Teachers and Creeds
  • How did institutional development and creedal development influence and shape each other.

Collects Class

The Collect (pronounced with a “K”) of the Day is one of the opening prayers of every Eucharist. It serves to sum up the prayers of those gathered for worship and often reflects the themes of the scriptures appointed for that day. Join us on Thursday, June 27 and July 25 as we examine a sampling of these prayers and the encouragement and challenges they present. We will meet in the lounge at 10:00 am.