Getting Married at St. Andrew's

Our life with God is expressed in relationships of commitment and faithfulness, which includes heterosexual as well as same-sex couples. It is the Church’s joy to celebrate these relationships as signs of God’s love, to pray for God’s grace to support couples in their life together, and to join with these couples in our shared witness to the gospel in the world.

Marriage Licenses

Please bring your marriage license to the parish office no later than the Wednesday before the wedding along with the final payment for fees.

  • You must have a Michigan issued marriage license
  • Out-of-state residents must have a Washtenaw County issued marriage license

More information regarding requirements/how to obtain a license in Washtenaw County can be found at

Rows of wooden pews

Important Things to Consider

Important Things to Consider

Summer Ceremonies

If you are considering a summer ceremony, please note that our sanctuary is NOT air conditioned. While we do have fans, the sanctuary can get extremely warm.


The City of Ann Arbor will allow special parking for 90 minutes in the "No Parking" area on Division between Catherine and Kingsley Streets. St. Andrew's will request special parking on your behalf for 15 minutes before the ceremony with the remaining 75 minutes for the ceremony and photos.

Fall Ceremonies / U of M Game Days

Please be sure to check the football schedule before selecting a date! The City of Ann Arbor does not grant special parking on any Saturday that the University of Michigan has a HOME football game.


The church seats approximately 500 and our chapel seats a maximum of 50.

Acolytes lighting candles at the altar

Parish Policies

Parish Policies


One-half of the fees are due to the church within 30 days of reserving a date.

Substance Use

The smoking of tobacco or marijuana and the consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited in the buildings and on St. Andrew's property at any time.