Making the choice to support ministry at St. Andrew's.

It is your regular and generous support that makes it possible for us to sustain the vital and essential ministries of St. Andrew's. We ask that you please prayerfully consider what gifts you have been given and what you can do to help St. Andrew's continue to carry out its ministry into the future.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the 2022 Campaign. It is your generous gifts of time, talent, and treasure that have helped to sustain the operations and ministries of St. Andrew’s. You have truly done God’s work. Our Annual Giving Campaigns serve as the principle source of income for the church and enable the good that St. Andrew’s does in the world week in and week out, with God’s help. But as we know, God’s work is never done!

Help us make St. Andrew’s a steady rock for God’s work in the world and within each of us.

The 2023 Annual Giving Campaign brings with it all the ‘usual’ challenges of paying the bills, keeping the lights on, and continuing to sustain our ministries with funding support, in addition to the ongoing challenges presented by COVID-19. For those of you who are able, we ask that you give as generously as you can to our Annual Campaign.


Annual Giving FAQs

I filled out a card already - do I need to fill out the online form too? No! If you have already submitted a pledge card for 2023 to the church there is no need to do so again.

How do I pay my pledge?

At Church: Put your check in the offering plate

By Mail: Send your check to: St. Andrew's Church, 306 N. Division St., Ann Arbor, MI 48104

ACH: To pay via Automatic Bank Debit (ACH), contact Kim Tucker-Gray or learn more about ACH. This method has the lowest transaction fees for the church!

WeShare: Use our online payment portal to pay your pledge or give a general offering! Visit to establish recurring pledge payments or make a one-time donations.

Why are you asking me to pledge? Pledge income provides more than 80% of the church's annual income needed to continue our current levels of ministry and annual maintenance. In order to formulate a budget and allow the staff to plan programming for the upcoming year we need to know what level of support we can expect from the parish.

How much should I give? There is no ‘right’ amount. All gifts hold equal importance as they are a reflection of each individual’s prayerful consideration of their relationship with God, St. Andrew’s, and their personal financial position.

I already give faithfully by putting money in the offering plate. Why should I pledge? Each pledge received helps the Finance Committee and Vestry of St. Andrew’s during the annual budget planning process, where ministry funding is determined and ministry commitments are made.

What happens if I can’t fulfill my pledge? Your pledge is not a binding contract. It is only an indication of your intent to give. You will never be ‘billed’ for any amount should you be unable to fulfill your pledge. You can change your pledge at any time by contacting the Parish Office.